Trooper Prevention Program Benefits

This program is intended to create a different approach to our customer’s plumbing needs; we firmly believe that having a proactive mindset towards plumbing services will help detect problems at an early stage, saving you money and more importantly your home.

Plumbing Tropers offers a Prevention Program membership. Each year a plumber will perform an inspection looking at everything in your plumbing system from the simple trouble of a slow kitchen drain to the more complicated repairs such as a gas leak or a damaging water heater leak.

When you join our Trooper Prevention Program, rest assured that you are covered when it comes to any problems you may experience throughout the year. We take care of our members’ homes as if they were our own, only sending professionally trained plumbers into your home.

As a member, you will enjoy discounts, priority scheduling, and an annual reminder for your plumbing inspections. It’s a hassle-free loyalty program that ensures your plumbing system is working efficiently. Performing a thorough plumbing safety inspection, leak check, and water heater drain to ensure long life and proper performance.

Plumbing Tropers provides you and your family with an annual health and safety multi-point plumbing inspection, this means we check all of your home’s plumbing system components, preventing major problems and saving you from the inconvenience and expense of repairs throughout the year.

What’s Included:

One Whole Home Visual Inspection  

  • Our technician will perform a thorough visual inspection that includes all areas of your home’s plumbing systems

10% Discount on Everyday Plumbing Services 

  • We work with you to lower your plumbing repair costs as much as possible!
  • Discount applies to each individual repair job up to $2,000 and excludes  bathroom remodel or home repipe jobs

Priority Service 

  • You are now a member of the Trooper family we will push you ahead of all non-member calls when dispatching plumbers to service you as quickly as possible

Two-Year Warranty on all Repairs 

  • Extended warranty for an additional year, giving you peace of mind that we’ll get the job done right

50% Reduction in After-Hours or Weekend Door Fee

  • No matter the time, we’ll be there to help you in your time of crisis