Reliable Sewer Repairs in South Florida

Sewer repairs and services are not only needed regular maintenance but cost-effective alternatives to pricey damages and serious health issues. With proper sewer repairs, you avoid the big price tags that come with other costly projects.

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What Causes Sewer Damages?

In general, sewer damages are caused by poor maintenance. Build up of hair, toilet paper and other sewer debris plus backups from the city sewer line can destroy your home system. Resulting in property damage and home devaluation that can be avoided with sewer repairs and services.

How Do I Know When I Need Repairs?

You know that your sewer pipes are broken when you:

  • Your toilet flushes irregularly
  • Your toilet lacks water
  • If your toilet overflows
  • If your yard is flooded (septic tank issues).

Our Sewer Repair Services

Plumbing Troopers offer three main solutions for sewer repairs:

  • Repiping maintenance: regular repairs that cost less and keep the big stuff from breaking down.
  • Installing a new “sleeve” to repair your pipes from the inside out.
  • Hydraulic replacement: replacing broken pipes with new ones, without destroying your yard.
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What if I Need to Replace My Whole Sewer Line?

If sewer repairs aren’t possible, Plumbing Troopers are your go-to for sewer line replacements. We’ll walk you through step by step with our experienced technicians and determine the best solutions for your home or business. Together, we’ll set up a timeline that gets your home or business back into shape, with minimal damages and the best prices in Pompano Beach. Before you know it, your sewer repairs will be finished and your home or business will be good as new.

Why Choose Plumbing Troopers?

Plumbing Troopers is based in Broward County, Florida to provide service in all South Florida communities. From Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County, we tackle every sewer repair and maintenance projects with strict compliance with local building codes.

The experts at Plumbing Troopers, have been working in sewer repairs for more than 35 years. We provide sewer repair services for new construction, vintage buildings, and everything in between. Rest assured that Plumbing Troopers not only have the knowledge but also the experience to complete your sewer-related projects right, the first time.

Our plumbers and office staff are continuously trained in the latest industry technologies and given the tools they need to solve any issue that comes their way. We believe our customers deserve to be treated with respect and to be provided with an unmatched level of service.

Don’t stress the process, call our Pompano Beach office at 954-532-9510 to start your sewer related project today with South Florida’s most reliable plumbing service provider.