Underground Plumbing & Tunneling Services in South Florida

Uh-oh — is your Broward County home suffering from hidden, underground plumbing problems? Difficult to address and even more challenging to identify, most plumbing contractors are unable to remedy such problems without seriously damaging your landscape or charging exorbitant amounts of money. At Plumbing Troopers, our expert plumbers offer state-of-the-art underground plumbing and tunneling services to tend to even the most complex issues with ease.

From foundational leaks to damaged sewer lines, our underground plumbing services offer the perfect solution for resolving all your plumbing issues. Schedule underground plumbing or tunneling services in Pompano Beach by contacting our team today!

Vac Team Underground Plumbing Services in Pompano Beach

Plumbing Troopers recently purchased a state-of-the-art industrial vacuum designed to assist with underground plumbing repairs to help reduce the cost of the job. While most plumbing companies will rent out this equipment from third parties, resulting in larger fees to their customers, Plumbing Troopers is proud to be one of only two service providers in the Pompano Beach region to offer this equipment in-house.

Our dedicated vac team is capable of handling even the most difficult materials, featuring a unique delivery system. Powered by compressed air, the pneumatic units easily transport difficult-to-move materials, including gravel, sand, rock, and sludge. Through our vac tunneling services, we are able more easily hydro-excavate damaged underground pipes. From there, we replace the pipes with PVC pipes, then backfill with dirt and rock to restore it back to like-new condition. The process involves minimal disturbance to your environment while effectively eliminating the root cause for your plumbing issues.

Experience the difference in tunneling by scheduling plumbing service with our vac team today.

vac truck for underground tunneling

Signs You Need Underground Plumbing or Tunneling in Pompano Beach

Underground pipe and sewer line damage can be difficult to identify at first. However, there are many signs that homeowners should watch for that can indicate the need for professional tunneling services, including:

  • Inconsistent water levels in toilet bowl
  • Increased activity of pests or animals in the yard
  • Foul odors in the home or around your landscape
  • Soggy, extra-green areas of your lawn
  • Slow draining
  • Gurgling noises emanating from pipes

If you’ve noticed any of these signs impacting your plumbing performance, you may need tunneling services sooner rather than later. Schedule vac tunneling services with Plumbing Troopers by calling (954) 532-9510 today!

vac truck with technicianWhy Choose Plumbing Troopers?

For more than 35 years, Plumbing Troopers has delivered the long-lasting plumbing solutions that Pompano Beach residents need. Not only do we provide superior services through our state-of-the-art equipment, but we also ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering the following unique benefits:

  • Free in-person, 20-minute plumbing service consultations
  • Upfront, honest pricing
  • Clear, consistent customer communication
  • On-time, tidy service professionals who understand the unique needs of Pompano Beach plumbing systems

Featuring the most advanced tunneling equipment in the region, there’s no better team to handle your tunneling service needs than Plumbing Troopers. Schedule tunneling services by contacting our team today.

Schedule Vac Team Underground Plumbing Service Today

When underground pipe and sewer line damage is causing you plumbing problems, Plumbing Troopers has the team you need to deliver fast, effective solutions. Using our brand-new, state-of-the-art tunneling equipment, we are confident in our ability to resolve even the most complex plumbing issues.

Contact our team to schedule tunneling services in Pompano Beach today!