Kitchen Remodeling in South Florida

There are many reasons why homeowners would need to remodel their kitchen; it could be kitchen envy or it might just be that the kitchen as currently set up no longer fits the needs of the family and needs to be enlarged. Perhaps you are still on the fence about remodeling your kitchen, so here are some reasons why you might want to give your kitchen a brand new look.


It is not just the fact that your kitchen looks dated, it is also the fact that it is barely holding together. Peeling countertops, cracked tiles and missing or broken cabinet doors as well as outdated appliances don’t do much to inspire family gatherings or gourmet cooking. In some cases though, your kitchen might not even be falling apart but simply looks too old.

Your kitchen might have a vintage look to it yet what you are really after is a kitchen design that is a sign of the times. A kitchen with modern appliances finished with chrome or wooden accents would reflect the 21st century better.


A remodeled kitchen will give you anywhere between 80 -125% returns. According to a survey conducted by Money Magazine, kitchen and bathroom remodeling is one of the most cost effective renovations to make to your home. According to the magazine, a modern kitchen acts as both a family room and as a workplace.

Even though home appraisers recommend not spending beyond 15% of your home’s value on renovating your kitchen, Money advises a more conservative figure, that is, not more than 10% of your home value should go into remodeling your kitchen in case you plan on selling your house in future.

Of course, you should view these percentages as just guidelines that should be adjusted based on local real estate values.

Updated Kitchens Sell Houses

Many homeowners usually remodel their kitchens to increase a house’s appeal in the market or in order to increase its value. An attractively remodeled kitchen is bound to draw more potential buyers than one that is perceived as boring and outdated. This is one of the secrets that realtors leverage when pitching a home to potential buyers. In fact, if you go through real estate ads, you will find a remodeled kitchen or bath frequently mentioned as one of the home’s major features.

If you decide to remodel your kitchen in the next couple of months and then relocate after, chances of your home getting snatched off the market quickly are very high.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the updates you will have made to your kitchen but there is a high probability that you will make profit from it.

Energy Savings

Sometimes homeowners will receive high electricity bills only to find that some of the greatest consumption is caused by kitchen appliances. While a kitchen remodel might not cut your energy consumption say by 50% it still can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

For instance, by adding skylines, you add more sunshine to your home and reduce the need for artificial light. Solar water heaters and energy efficient appliances not only reduce your bills, but they exert less stress on the environment.


Different people have different tastes and no where is this more obvious than in kitchen designs. Sometimes homeowners will buy a house for other features and not the kitchen. The previous homeowner might have had extreme tastes while the new homeowner is more laid back and minimalistic.

Perhaps the previous homeowner did not have a family, so did not see the need for a kitchen island table. The new homeowner on the other hand has a family and plans to convert the kitchen into an informal meeting room for the entire family.

Special Needs

If there are disabled family members living in your home, you will need to better accommodate their needs. For instance, imagine a situation where a family member is in a wheelchair and is no longer in a position where they can reach the high cupboards. In this case, a kitchen remodel can help them get about without needing assistance from anyone.

Financial Incentives

If you are still on the fence about remodeling, you will be happy to know that various government entities and vendors offer rebates for energy-saving remodeling projects. It is possible to even receive a cash rebate for trading in outdated appliances, as well as remodeling low or no interest grants and loans.


If you have been living in the same house for ages, you might feel that it is time to get a new look in your kitchen. Many homeowners whose kitchens are still attractive, functional, and updated, at some point will feel that they need a change of aesthetics.

Home Improvement TV Shows

There are now many home improvement TV shows that show homeowners the numerous possibilities they have to recreate their kitchens. Without these home improvement programs, many homeowners might never have considered such possibilities.

Unfortunately, many of these home improvement programs are too complex for a DIY project which is why you need Plumbing Troopers. Plumbing Troopers has many years of experience creating some of the most complex kitchen designs.

There is no better kitchen remodeling company in Florida.

Gourmet Kitchen

For homeowners who consider themselves gourmet chefs and who like nothing better than to prepare fancy meals on the weekends or during family gatherings, a gourmet kitchen remodel is like driving a dream car.

With your choice of exquisite amenities to accommodate your every cooking desire, Plumbing Troopers will turn your kitchen into a dream.

Easier Maintenance

Unlike other rooms in a house, kitchens require constant maintenance. By constantly working to keep your kitchen clean not only do you enhance its appearance, but you lengthen the life of your kitchen’s components.

However, as good and safe to keep your kitchen clean, no one wants to wear cleaning gloves the entire day. At Plumbing Troopers we can help you create your dream kitchen with low-maintenance materials combined with an accessible floor plan that will guarantee that your kitchen can get by with minimal care requirements.

Greater Convenience

Some older kitchens are not designed well to begin with which makes moving around effortlessly an enviable task to achieve. For instance, imagine having a refrigerator door that blocks the path into the kitchen every single time it is open.

Even though there are some homeowners who are willing to tolerate such a peeve, not all homeowners are as patient. And you might be one such homeowner, you are tired of having to squeeze yourself through tight spaces in your kitchen.

Contact us today at 954-532-9510 to find out how we can help you remodel your kitchen to create the floor plan you have in mind.

Plumbing Troopers will help you come up with a space-smart arrangement that leverages both functionality and storage.

Understand that remodeling your kitchen is quite a project to embark on. Plenty of thought has to go into it; you need to consider not just how the appliances will be set up but a professional like Plumbing Troopers has to help you work out the logistics as far as plumbing is concerned.