Bathroom Remodeling in South Florida

The bathroom is no doubt one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only can you not do without it, but it is one of the rooms that homebuyers are very interested in.

The bathroom’s central role in any home underscores why every homeowner should consider remodeling their bathroom.

There are many reasons why a homeowner would remodel their bathroom. The reasons differ from one homeowner to another but we cover some of them below.

Adding A Bathroom

One reason why a homeowner might invest in a bathroom remodeling project in their Broward County home is because they would like to add the existing number of bathrooms in their homes. The motivation to add a bathroom to your home is usually brought about by the desire to create a master suite.

This can be achieved by turning a closet into a half bath.

The other reason why homeowners add a bathroom is occasioned by the absence of one on a particular floor of their home, for instance, the basement.

Expanding A Bathroom

Adding in a new bathroom to your home is an expensive venture and not all homeowners might have the financing they need for that. The most viable alternative in this scenario would be to expand an existing bathroom.

It is not uncommon to achieve this by adding a shower or tub to a half bath. In some cases homeowners even add a tub to a shower.

Such an expansion project is not as expensive as installing a new bathroom, but might still increase your home’s value.

Accommodate an Elderly Relative

A homeowner might be sharing their home with an aging relative who needs support when getting in and out of the bathroom as well as when taking a bath.

It could be that the homeowner has aged and need a bathroom that accommodates their frailties.

Such bathroom remodels might involve adding a ledge and rail to the shower.

Updating Your Bathroom

Every now and then you might see a stunning bathroom design on television or when visiting with family and friends that will inspire you to update your bathroom’s design.

Many homeowners update their bathrooms in order to reflect the times. There was a time when green and yellow bathroom tiles but they are definitely not considered fashionable anymore.

The degree to which you want to update your bathroom might vary. A homeowner might decide that they only want to add a new coat of paint or the remodeling might be more intense and involve tearing out everything and fitting the bathroom with new fixtures.

Updating is very common among Florida homeowners when they want to put their house on the market.

Improving Bathroom Utility

Remodeling is not just about aesthetics, utility plays a big role. When homeowners decide to remodel their bathroom the decision might be informed by a need for more storage space or perhaps they want to improve the ventilation.

Maybe a spouse is moving in and the homeowner wants to create a bidet or a walk-in shower to accommodate them.

Plumbing Repairs

Most plumbing issues can be taken care of with minimal work. However, you might find that the issue you are facing requires you to tear out your bathroom walls or walls to resolve the issue. After the repair you might decide to re-design your bathroom.

Reducing Water Bills

If you find that you are using too much water and desire to cut down on the amount that is used in your home, you might decide to install a water-saving device. Examples of such a water saving devices include low-flow toilets and low-flow shower heads.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Remodeling is good for more than just reducing how much you pay for your water. By installing CFL or LED lights in your bathroom you will be able to cut down on your energy costs. You can even save more money by putting in an energy-efficient fan.

When making energy-efficient changes to your bathroom you could choose to do it a la carte or do an entire bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas On A Budget

We understand that money can be tight, but that does not mean that you are allowed to have good things in life. Thankfully you do not need to have deep pockets in order to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

Below are some things you can do to reduce the cost of your bathroom remodel.

Limiting Tile

Tiles can be expensive, so we recommend that you focus on high-impact areas such as the floor in order to reduce those expenses. Instead of using tiles in the shower stall walls, you could use one horizontal strip on the wall while painting the rest of the wall.

Something else you could do is, instead of using expensive tile to cover your entire bathroom walls, you could use cheaper tiles to cover most of the wall and use the expensive tile to create an accent.

Saving on Counter Tops

Granite countertops are all the rage. Even though bathroom counters are not as big as kitchen counters, which means it won’t be as expensive, remember every dollar counts.

Popular granite colors include beige, tan, brown as well as other neutral colors. These colors tend to be more expensive than the darker shades as they are more popular. You can opt to go with any of the other hues that have a luxurious feel yet are priced lower.

You can also choose granite slabs that contain minor imperfections as they tend to be priced lower than the rest. This will serve you well especially if the flaw is around the area where the sink should be fitted in.


One of the cheapest ways to give your bathroom a new look is by painting it. You need to note that painting your bathroom might take a very long time as it requires care so as not to paint over the windows, sink, tub, shower, switch plates, toilet, wall corners, and the floor.

If you are in the Broward area, we recommend that you get in touch with Plumbing Troopers. We will give you advice on the best color of paint for your bathroom.

High humidity and temperature make the bathroom the perfect room in your home for mildew and mold to grow. It is therefore advisable to buy a high quality paint that has a satin finish.

The ceiling will also need a special paint to help prevent mold growth.

Updating Fixtures

You can update towel racks, sink faucets, light fixtures for a very small amount of money. Even though some of these fixtures might appear insignificant, updating them can give your bathroom a professional finish.

Do a little bit of window shopping on sites that sell these types of bathroom fixtures. Even though you might find that some of them cannot be accommodated by your budget, you can find ways to imitate the look for less.

Get Repairs Instead of Buying New

Replacing a bathtub or shower is not going to be cheap, instead you should hire a professional like Plumbing Troopers to have it maintained and repaired.

However, with shower fixtures and sinks it costs more if you have them repaired so we recommend that you replace them entirely.