Shower Repair Services in South Florida

When you need reliable shower repair services for your Broward County or Palm Beach County home, Plumber Troopers can help. Our professionally trained plumbers can quickly assess any plumbing issue and explain every solution available during a FREE, 20-minute consultation. When you call Plumbing Troopers to fix a problem with your shower plumbing, we’ll send out one of our expert plumbers to your home immediately for 24/7 emergency repairs.

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Signs You Need Shower Repair

If you experience one of these issues with the shower in your Boca Raton or Del Ray Beach home, you might need to get it repaired. One of our Plumbing Troopers professionals can help you determine if it is time for a replacement or if it would be more cost-effective to repair your shower:


When a shower in your South Florida home has a leaky showerhead or a faucet, the cause could be one of several things. The sealant used around the fixture might be damaged, or there could also be mineral buildup, calcification, or rust within the shower pipe’s interior threading. A plumbing professional can detect the source of any hidden leaks and identify solutions to fix the issues.

No Hot Water

If you notice that the water from your shower is not heating properly, the problem is likely your water heater and not your shower or its surrounding pipes. Plumbing Troopers’ team of experts is trained to repair and replace water heaters so that you can get back to taking warm showers as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure

Turning on your shower tap and seeing just a trickle of water is frustrating. If you notice your Miami-Dade County home has low water pressure, call Plumbing Troopers immediately. It might be a sign that your home needs to be repiped. Pipes wear out over time, and if your home needs repiping, you can avoid high utility bills and reduce your risk of major water damage by replacing your pipes rather than repairing them.

Slow-Moving Drains

Standing water and slow-moving shower drains can be a sign that there’s a blockage somewhere in your piping system. Plumbing Troopers offers comprehensive drain cleaning services that can quickly identify the source of clogs and restore your home’s plumbing system as soon as possible.

What Makes Plumbing Troopers Different

The experienced technicians at Plumbing Troopers are proud to provide top-rated shower repair services to South Florida residents. For over 35 years, our family-owned and -operated business has solved every plumbing issue possible with customer service that can’t be beat. When you choose Plumbing Troopers to repair your shower, you can expect:

  • A FREE, in-home consultation
  • On-time, efficient, and highly-experienced technicians
  • Pricing that’s guaranteed at the time of quoting
  • A location tracking link that estimates when your technician will arrive

Schedule emergency shower repair service with one of our friendly dispatchers, and we’ll quickly send a plumbing professional to your home! Call us at 954-532-9510 or contact us online.

Shower Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of the crusty white buildup on my showerhead?

The crusty white substance is a mineral buildup and might be the source of any showerhead leaks you see. To remove this buildup, tie a bag full of vinegar around your showerhead and leave it overnight. In the morning, gently rinse or scrub it away.

Does my showerhead need to be repaired or replaced?

Showerheads and tub faucets are sturdy plumbing fixtures, so the main reasons we see customers replace shower fixtures often have to do with wanting modern aesthetics or newer features. Our plumbers are familiar with installation methods for all plumbing fixture makes and models available.

What is involved in installing a new shower?

If you would like to install a shower in a new location or remodel your bathroom to make it more accessible, we’re happy to help. Our Troopers can assess your home’s current piping system and reroute the pipes to meet your needs.

Choose Plumbing Troopers for Top-Rated Shower Repair Services

Plumbing Troopers is proud to offer five-star shower repair services to our South Florida neighbors. We complete every repair in strict compliance with state and local laws, and our Troopers stay up-to-date with industry updates to ensure that we provide you with reliable services.

When you call Plumbing Troopers, a friendly dispatcher will send a plumbing professional to your home for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to assess your shower and let you know all of your repair options. Call Plumbing Troopers today at 954-532-9510 or contact us online.