Regardless of whether you’re concerned about your home’s plumbing systems and pipes, it’s important you recognize the best ways of taking care of these kinds of infrastructure to prevent bigger issues in the future.

However, if you lack training in plumbing, even a fundamental knowledge of plumbing and pipes can at times be lost. To ensure you’re taking the best care of your pipes, Pompano Beach plumbers will advise you accordingly. If you’re wondering where to start, check out these tips.

Don’t Use Chemical Products

Although this might appear as the best means of obtaining a quick fix when you have a clogged drain or pipe, you should avoid chemical products for drain cleaning if possible. When you pour the chemical products down the pipes, they can frequently be more harmful than useful.

Remember, these products can compromise your pipes’ integrity gradually and you’ll have bigger problems to handle in the future. It’s also important to note that these products can erode cast-iron drainpipes.

Moreover, they usually don’t eliminate the entire clog, so the issue will probably recur, prompting you to use the products continually. Another reason we don’t recommend these products is that they can place your safety at risk when used inappropriately besides damaging your plumbing system.

When it comes to stubborn clogs, chemical cleaners aren’t always effective. When this occurs, you’d need to flush the cleaner from your pipes. Allowing the product to remain enhances the chance of a pipe problem and flushing the product down your toilet enhances the likelihood of an issue with the septic system, resulting in a lose-lose situation.

Other reasons to avoid these products include:

The Likelihood of Serious Burns

Pompano Beach plumbersDrain cleaners can produce severe chemical burns on your hair and skin. Remember, it doesn’t even take a huge spill for this to occur. A drip down the bottle’s side or acid splashing when it hits water could cause a reaction if they contact the exposed skin.

Inhalation is Dangerous

You should use drain cleaners in well-ventilated areas because the fumes are poisonous and could burn your mucous membranes and eyes. Furthermore, some acid forms used in cleaners can smoke when added to water, increasing toxic fumes in the air. Beware that pets and children shouldn’t be nearby if you decide to use the products.

Instead of trying to clear the obstruction using chemical products, you can do so manually or contact residential plumbers Pompano Beach.

Protect the Pipes from Freezing

One of the worst plumbing problems you could face is frozen pipes. In the event that your pipes freeze, the water stuck inside them could expand to the extent of bursting the pipes. This can cause considerable property damage.

To prevent this from occurring, we recommend you protect your pipes from the cold through extra insulation and increasing the surrounding temperature artificially. In case you find the pipes frozen, try to apply heat slowly to the segments of the pipe exposed to the cold the most.

If you can’t locate the frozen section, you’ll need to call local plumbers Pompano beach to assist you. Nevertheless, these tips can help prevent freezing pipes.

Permit faucet to drip

If you’re afraid of a pipe freezing, you can permit the faucet to drip a little. Permitting the faucet to drip will alleviate pressure in the system. Furthermore, it will prevent pressure accumulation, thus prevent your pipe from bursting.

Seal up holes and cracks

You should caulk any cracks or holes that exist next to pipes. You should do so on the exterior and interior walls. Doing this can help keep the warm air in and cold air out.

Open Interior Doors

Pipes are frequently in cabinets. When temperatures drop, it’s advisable to maintain the doors open, enabling the heat from the rest of your home to keep the pipes warm. Moreover, you should keep every interior door open so that heat can flow throughout your home.

Increase Insulation

Pipes that are positioned in areas that lack proper insulation, for instance, in attics or basements, may require additional insulation to prevent freezing. Keep in mind that pipes in attics or basements aren’t the only ones that might lack proper insulation from the cold.

If you have an issue with freezing pipes anywhere in the home, additional insulation could be the solution. Consider adding insulation to ceilings and walls to keep your pipes warm.

Regular Checks

A common problem nowadays is that people typically wait for the issue to take place and try to handle it afterward. Obviously, this approach is wrong because most major flooding issues and plumbing failures are preventable if you notice them on time.

Therefore, checking your pipes regularly will save you considerable trouble and money. The best way of ensuring your pipes are working properly is by checking the showerheads, toilet, and faucets for possible cracks and leaks. You can also spot possible problems by examining the water meter when water isn’t in use.

If you wish to prolong your pipes, consider these tips to help you take care of them.