Expert Plumbers in Hollywood, FL

At Plumbing Troopers, our team is well-trained and familiar with the ins and outs of Hollywood’s plumbing systems. With over three decades of industry experience, our Troopers can provide a solution to even the most complicated plumbing issue, making us the plumbing professionals you can trust.

We provide comprehensive plumbing services, including plumbing installation, replacement, repair, and routine maintenance to Hollywood, FL, and the surrounding areas.

For all your routine or emergency plumbing repairs, call us at 954-532-9510 or contact us online.

Plumbing Installation & Replacement in Hollywood

Quality plumbing starts with quality installation from a plumbing professional. The Plumbing Troopers team is happy to install or replace your plumbing systems or help you with your kitchen or bathroom remodel. We offer:

Signs Your Hollywood Home Needs Plumbing Service

Some plumbing problems like a broken pipe are obvious. Others can present themselves a little more subtly. Look out for:

  • Water-stained walls or ceilings
  • Standing water
  • Unidentified odors around the house
  • Clogged pipes
  • Low water pressure or complete loss of water

Hollywood Plumbing Repairs

Whether your plumbing system needs to be repaired on a Tuesday afternoon or late night on a Saturday, Plumbing Troopers is here for you. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so you don’t have to wait for business hours if you have an urgent need that can’t wait.

We offer top-quality:

  • Water heater repair – Going without water makes your daily routines extremely difficult, but don’t worry. We can diagnose the problem and restore your hot water quickly!
  • Leak detection – Low water pressure, a spike in your water bill, or standing water in your yard are all signs you have a hidden plumbing leak that needs professional attention.
  • Drain cleaning – There are few things grosser than a clogged drain or sink. Let Plumber Troopers address your trickiest blockages.
  • Toilet repair – From a clogged toilet to flush valve failure and more, we can repair even the most stubborn toilet issues.
  • Sewer repair – If you’re experiencing any issues with your septic tank or your sewer lines, don’t wait! Call the professionals at Plumber Troopers before your repair turns into a replacement.

When you need a plumbing repair in Hollywood, FL, contact us online or call us at 954-532-9510.

Why Choose Plumbing Troopers?

We pride ourselves on providing excellent plumbing services in Hollywood, FL, and beyond. We understand how important trust and reliability are to homeowners, which is why each of our Troopers is background checked, always on time, and professional.

We provide fair and upfront pricing, and we will keep you informed during the entire process, whether you need replacement or repair. But don’t just take our word for it; see what our customers have to say.

Call Plumbing Troopers at 954-532-9510 or contact us online for plumbing done right.

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