Plumbing Troopers is a company that specializes in light fixture installation and replacement. If you happen to live in Broward, Palm Beach, or Miami-Dade, and you need to get a light installed or replaced, Plumbing Troopers should be your first call.

Homeowners in Florida have trusted Plumbing Troopers for many years to install light fixtures that brighten their homes and make them welcoming.

Depending on what work you need done, that is, replacing old and outdated fixtures or upgrading the current light fixtures, Plumbing Troopers will get the work done in no time and at a pocket-friendly price.

Different Types of Light

If you are thinking of installing a new light fixture, there are a couple of things you need to put into consideration. Such as, what type of light is best suited for your home’s aesthetic?There are various types of lights as indicated below:

Fluorescent Lights –These are usually used in basements and garages. Fluorescent lights rely on mercury vapor in order to become a light source. One of the advantages of using fluorescent lights to light up your home is that they emit a cooler tone in addition to lasting longer than incandescent lights.

Incandescent Light –The light produced by an incandescent bulb is comforting and warm because they provide a glowing warm light.

LED –LEDs are known for their efficiency an aspect that has seen them grow in popularity among homeowners. Just like incandescent bulbs, LEDs give off warm light. The major difference they have with incandescent lights is that, LED saves money on your energy bill while at the same time lasting longer.

Now that you understand the three choices you have to choose from when installing new light fixtures in your home, you can boldly start thinking of lighting projects to start working on in your home.

Lighting Projects

Before you start working on any lighting projects, you need to determine why you need the light in the first place. Some of the lighting projects that homeowners usually need us to help them with include:

Accent Lighting –Accent lighting is a great way to create a warm and welcoming ambiance to your home orhighlight aspects of your home. Some of the accent lighting features that can be added to a home include dimmer switches as well as pot lights.

Task Lighting –This type of lighting is purely functional and is usually designed for a particular task. Task lighting can be found adorning a work area or the kitchen. Security lighting also falls under the category of task lighting due to its functional nature.

General Lighting –This refers to any lighting in your home that does not include any of the two above. So, a chandelier or ceiling fan lighting is considered as general lighting. This type of lighting provides a large area with cheerful and bright light.
You can trust Plumbing Troopers to help you install as well as replace any kind of lighting you desire for your home.

Light Fixture Replacement

As with every other home appliance, every now and then you will find that your light fixtures need to be replaced. The replacement could be occasioned by a desire to update to light fixtures that are more current, or even more common you might have to replace your light fixtures when they no longer work.

Before calling Plumbing Troopers on 954-800-6822 if you are in Broward County, you need to ask yourself:

Do I Need To Replace My Light Fixture?

If you notice that your existing light fixture is not working properly or is visibly damaged, by replacing it with a new one you will be keeping your family and home safe by ensuring uninterrupted safe operation.

Note that your light fixture does not have to be broken for it to be replaced. Sometimes, light fixtures might be operating below optimum levels hence necessitating the need for a replacement. In such a case an upgrade by Plumbing Troopers will definitely improve the lighting in your home.

Any fixture replacement involves electrical wiring and you will need a qualified electrician to help you replace your lighting fixtures. Plumbing Troopers are well equipped to handle such a task given our many years of experience. This way you can be sure that your lighting fixture operates safely and reliably.

Benefits of Light Fixture Replacements

When you replace an old light fixture you get the opportunity to make a new design statement in your home not to mention, you are able to change the quality of lighting to fit a number of uses.

Upgrades you make in living and dining areas might help dim down those rooms by providing comfortable lighting.
On the other hand, work areas and kitchen upgrades could provide brighter lighting ideal for performing appropriate tasks in those areas.
Appropriate lighting in any room can improve comfort and function in your home.

Types of Light Fixture Upgrades

Various light fixture upgrades exist. It all depends on what the homeowner wants. If the homeowner wants to maintain the room’s aesthetic while restoring function, Plumbing Troopers will simply replace the defective light fixture with one that is the same style and type.

If the homeowner wants to create a powerful effect in their room, we might recommend a more significant fixture such as a ceiling fan and light combination or even a chandelier. If you are looking to make use of different light applications, we recommend you look into pendant, track, or recessed lighting.

How Long Does A Light Fixture Take To Replace?

At Plumbing Troopers we pride ourselves in the ability to complete a job as soon as possible. It is no different with fixture replacement. Most light fixtures are usually replaced within 2 hours. How long it takes to replace a fixture will depend on whether you require us to replace a fixture of the same type or one that is of a different style.

When modifications are required to fix in a new type of light an extra hour of work might be needed to get the job done. Such modifications might involve altering wirings and openings for track or recessed lighting.
In case, a heavy chandelier needs to be installed or a ceiling fan might involve reinforcing or upgrading the electrical box that the fixture is getting mounted to.

Materials Required To Replace A Light Fixture

Usually light fixtures will come packed with materials that are required to connect them to a home’s wiring. In case, this is not the case, no worries, our Plumbing Troopers electricians come prepared for any eventuality and will provide whatever’s needed such as a junction box, wire connectors, and supply brackets.

We will use professional electrical tools such as screwdrives, wire strippers, multi meter, pliers, and anything else that might be required to make and test electrical connections.

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

At Plumbing Troopers we pride ourselves in transparency. Fixture replacement is a very straightforward job that does include any hidden expenses. We will give you an accurate quote for the work that we put in, though some extra charges might be included if you require our electrician to handle very heavy fixtures or access unusually high ceilings.

In addition, if we come across issues with the support structure, wiring, or junction boxes, during a fixture replacement or new installation, it might add on to the costs.

Price of An All Light Fixture Replacement

The location and type of light fixture are key factors in calculating how much it will cost to replace your fixtures. For an accurate quote give us a call. We will be able to give a more detailed response regarding your fixture replacement if we have an idea of the nature of the fixture replacement.

Light Fixture Replacement DIY

Sometimes, especially when all you want is to replace your