What is Repiping?

Repiping is replacing your entire supply plumbing system – the pipes that bring water in and out of your home and installing a new copper pipe systems in their place.

Unlike our competition who offer cheap products as a temporary fix, we recommend repiping your entire system and install pipes that last a lifetime. That’s why we’re the top repiping service provider in Pompano Beach, Florida.

What’s the Repiping Timeline?

Repiping your home will typically take 1 to 3 days. Once the re-piping is done, Plumbing Troopers will repatch the walls we broke (sorry in advance) and provide a final inspection to ensure that your system is working efficiently. Guaranteeing there is no more work needed for your home’s piping system.

During standard repiping projects, it is common to have installation of new cold and hot water piping so your home’s source of water can reach all your fixtures and faucets. Unless you specifically ask us to include drain fixtures and replacement, it will not be included in your quote. So, please be as specific as possible when consulting with us. Copper repiping is the industry standard and the type we use, for maximum efficiency.

Why Use PEX Piping?

PEX piping is the industry standard and has many benefits, including: 

  • PEX repiping is cost effective.
  • PEX repiping is simple and easy to install.
  • PEX repiping is quiet: No singing pipes!
  • PEX repiping is resistant to temperature changes.
  • PEX repiping costs less and lasts a lifetime.
  • PEX repiping brings fast-flowing water.
  • PEX repiping is good to the environment.

When is it Time for Repiping?

There are signs that give away a problematic piping system and the need for repiping:

  • Low water pressure.
  • Rust-colored water.
  • Remodeling your home.
  • Isolated leaks.
  • Corroded and cracked valves.

Why Plumbing Troopers for My Repiping?

Plumbing Troopers has a five-star rating from previous clients for repiping services. We’ll get your repiping done right, the first time. Don’t live in fear of your pipes giving out on you. Call our Pompano Beach office at 954-532-9510 to start your repiping today.