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The first impression you get from visiting numerous hardware stores and spotting drain cleaners is that drain cleaning is an easy 5-minute job to do. Even though it is possible to clear a minor clog with a plunger, in most cases clogs signify a much bigger issue that will need the attention of qualified professionals.

Below is a list of 5 warning signs that you should keep an eye out for. If you notice any of these drain problems in your home, it is time to call a professional plumbing company like Plumbing Troopers.

Plumbing Troopers are fair and our services are prompt.

Slow Drains

As a homeowner you might feel the temptation to ignore some of the drainage issues you are experiencing however we greatly discourage it. Even though at first a slow drain might seem like a non-issue, it can quickly escalate into a catastrophe and cost you a lot of money in repairs in the end.

Slow drains indicate a number of problems with your drainage system including:

• Pipes that have narrowed over time due to grease or mineral buildup
• Early stages of a clog
• Improper drainage grading

By calling Plumbing Troopers as soon as you notice these problems you will have eliminated the risk of your slow drain becoming a much bigger problem such as broken or damaged pipes.

Recurring Clogs

Shower and bathtub drains including bathroom sink drains tend to experience recurring clogs mainly due to all the hair that gets washed down. If you have to clean the drain pipes and get rid of hair every time it shows you are not doing it right and need to hire a professional who will do it once and for all. Failure to do so can lead to more problems in future.

Multiple Clogged Drains

If more than one drain is clogged at the same time, that is, tub, toilet or sink, it shows that there is a problem with your main drainage system. In this case, it would be impossible for someone without any training to unblock the system as chemical drain cleaners or plungers would be of no use at all.

Plumbing Troopers has plenty of experience in unclogging main drainage systems. Give us a call today and let us know your location.

Foul Odor

If you notice that your drains are persistently emitting a foul odor take it as a sign of a major drainage issue. There is no alternative but to call a qualified professional to come and inspect your drainage system to find out exactly what is wrong.
Sometimes the foul odor is caused by a build up of contaminants which then seeps into your home making it unbearable for you and your family.

When you call us, we will inspect your drainage system using our tools and years of expertise to detect the exact problem.
At times, the odor can be taken care of by thoroughly cleaning your drain, though at other times, more severe measures need to be taken such as replacing broken sewer pipes.

Water Flooding

Sewage backup is one of the major issues associated with clogged drains. If you notice signs of water flooring on your basement floor or even near a floor drain it is indicative of a clogged drain. You can expect for your drains to get completely blocked in future and there will be contaminated water all over the floor.

To prevent the situation from spreading any further, get in touch with a professional plumbing company.

As soon as you notice that your drainage system has an issue get in touch with Plumbing Troopers. We recommend though that you call us before any signs of trouble begin to show. We will inspect your drainage system and give your recommendations as to what you need to do to avoid expensive repairs in future.

Drain Cleaners

Sometimes the drain clogs you experience in your home can be easily sorted out without having to call a professional drain cleaning service such as Plumbing Troopers. For instance, you might have hair clogging your bathroom sink or shower sink. Unless this is a recurring issue and you doubt you are not cleaning out your drainage right (hence the recurrence), you can do this yourself.
Or maybe it’s a clogged toilet that you have. You should try using a plunger first to unclog the toilet and only call a commercial plumbing company when all fails or if it is a recurring issue.

There are times when you will need to enlist the help of ancillary tools such as chemical drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners are exactly what they sound like. They are substances that are put into the drainage system and unblocks drainage systems or sewer pipes.

Chemical drain cleaners are available in hardware stores, though you need to be a licensed plumber to work with some of them.
Chemical drainers come in multiple forms including:

• Powder
• Gel
• Liquid

How they work is that they react whatever is blocking the drainage to produce heat which in turn eliminates the clog.
Chemical drain cleaners are classified into three different types:

• Acid drain cleaners
• Caustic drain cleaners
• Oxidizing drain cleaners

Acid Drain Cleaners

Only licensed plumbers can purchase acid drain cleaners. Unlike other types of drain cleaners you can’t buy them from a hardware store.
Caustic Drain Cleaners

Caustic drain cleaners contain lye which releases heat and reacts with grease to form a substance that dissolves in water. They are usually used to deal with heavy duty clogs.

Oxidizing Drain Cleaners

Oxidizing drain cleaners contain nitrates and bleach. These drainers will reacts with organic material clogging the drain and cause it to lose electrons thus becoming oxidized. Because oxidizing drain cleaners are created for organic clogs, they are best used to unblock kitchen sinks.

Before you use drain cleaners you will need to understand some of the pros and cons associated with using these substances.
Why We Encourage Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Easy to Use

Despite the useful information above, you don’t need any technical know-how on how to use chemical drain cleaners. This is because you are not required to disassemble the clogged pipes or use any special equipment. All you need to do is pour the drain cleaner down the drain and leave it to do its work.

Eliminates bad odors

Drain cleaners don’t have a nasty smell unlike what you would expect in fact, they completely get rid of any bad odors that might be emitted by the drain.

Don’t Cause Damage

Drain cleaners rely on chemical reactions in order to be effective and since they don’t react with the metal the pipe is made of, they don’t cause any damage such as leaving marks


Using drain cleaners is extremely convenient as you do not need to use it in combination with anything else. All you need to do is pour it down the drain and just let it seat. No need to spend time trying to reach down the dark hole with a scraper. Drain cleaners do it for you.
At Plumbing Troopers we insist that you should always keep your drain pipes unclogged by properly disposing your trash. This way you will avoid any expensive repairs in future.

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